• Yvette

Healing - How Does Self-Care Lead to Healing?

Where I used to live:

I was raising five children and working a full-time job with a partner that was not always supportive. My stress level led to weight gain. My coping mechanism of stuffing my emotions and ignoring my emotional needs resulted in disconnection from myself and those I loved. I was not present, not for myself or my family. I missed the pleasure of doing things with my children and being able to help them in their times of struggle.

When I was not connected to my body and living only in my head, I constantly struggled with an overload of stress.

The begining of change for me was bodywork:

I was in my thirties when I received my first massage. That self-care moment may have been the first time I actually paid attention to my body. I began to tear up when the therapist was massaging my back. The focus on me, connecting with my body allowed me to feel me and acknowledge my unmet needs. The bodywork experience let me understand that I wanted to take better care of myself. From exercise to eating better, I knew I needed to start doing small things for me. The change from living full time in my head to living full body integration was a slow process, and well worth the time and effort.


Taking time to receive bodywork allows the mind to stop and rest so the body can receive the nourishment of stillness and relaxation. I invite you to join me in the journey of self-care.

Schedule a bodywork session and you may hear what your soul is longing to tell you.



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